Paper on English, French and Spanish Colonies in the New World

Spanish writer Baltasar Gracian said in the 17th century that Europe has a face of the world: in Spain it is grand, in England is cute, in France – playful. That was especially true for the 16th century when the New World was conquered by these three countries in particular.

It is considered that colonization of Americas started in 1492, when Christopher Columbus, sponsored by Spanish government, discovered America. Spanish and Portuguese colonies were the first to appear on the territory of South and Central America. Later, in the late 16th century English colonies in Virginia region were settled. Speaking about French, they occupied eastern North American lands in the middle of 16th century. All these three countries were the strongest among all the European conquerors, which strived for cheap land in the New World. However, the situation among the colonies in question differed considerably.

What do you know about English French and Spanish Colonies in the New World?

Immigrants in America were pushed off their lands and they wanted to find better life in colonies. In general, three-quarter of English immigrants were servants and farmers in particular. France in 16th century held several wars with England and had inner political conflicts. However, as England and Spain, French aimed to have financial profit from the conquests of American lands.
Summarizing, we should emphasize that all the European countries which settled in new American lands were looking for income first of all, be it gold or profit from trading. Spain as the first country to settle its colonies in lands unknown before succeeded in comparison with England and France.

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essaysReasyPaper on English French and Spanish Colonies in the New World   Paper on English French and Spanish Colonies in the New World  
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