How To Write A Definition Essay

As far as you know, there exist many kinds of essays, such as Argumentative, Persuasive, Compare and Contrast and others. This paper is designed to give you a general notion of how to write a Definition essay. As you see, the term derives from the word "to define", so your main purpose is to explain the reader what a certain term means. In general, you need to describe a physical object (a house, a forest, a city) or an abstract notion (love, friendship, addiction etc.).

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- Define the term

In the first paragraph, tell the reader what you are going to write about, explain the notion you are assigned to define. Of course, you can use a citation from an encyclopedia or a dictionary, but is not always a good idea. The reason is that your aim is to produce a work, which would be interesting to read. As far as you know, encyclopedia definitions can be too long and much more complicated than the term itself, so your explanation will sound probably better if you use your own words.

- Explain why you are writing about this term

In most cases, you are offered to choose a topic that you like. Therefore, select a topic that would be of your personal interest. For instance, if you like bicycling, you can select one special kind of bicycles and write about it. You can write about your favorite European city bike, which is comfortable to ride in any clothes and in any weather. If you are writing about friendship, tell about your best friends and show how you value them.

- Some additional hints

It is a good idea not to repeat the same idea using different words (your paper can be quite long, by the way!), but to analyze your term. That means, allocate some part of the text to explaining each aspect of your notion. Do not be afraid of adding humor to your narration; it is not the kind of paper, which should sound too scholarly, so make reading your paper a great experience for your reader. The notion you are defining is not new, what makes it unique is your own vision.

Now you know how to write a definition essay, so try to take the best out of it!

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