Unique Experiences to Enjoy with Your College Friends

The friendships you make in college will be the most amazing relationships you will have in your life. Whether you find each other by chance maybe by being assigned on a team for a course project or by circumstance of perhaps being college roommates, these friendships are bound to last a lifetime. In addition, these friendships provide you plenty of opportunity to try new things and live life a tad bit irresponsibly. If you’ve been trying to find suggestions on how to accomplish that, we have a ton of ideas for you.

The Giant List of Ideas

  1. Start a water balloon fight in the middle of campus or a food fight in the student cafeteria.
  2. Get haircuts that match. Bonus points if you use the same hairdresser.
  3. Start a game of hide and go seek or tag in Target.
  4. Take a dip in the school fountain.
  5. Organize a Guitar Hero tournament.
  6. Schedule a cornhole tournament.
  7. Girls, arrange a slumber party just like back when you were in elementary school; boys, crash said party. Bonus points if you wear footie pajamas.
  8. Create your own music video using a lip-synced performance.
  9. Host a prom.
  10. Go on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before like the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore.
  11. Plan a progressive dinner where you have one course at each restaurant.
  12. Visit a fortune teller and have them read your fortune.
  13. Arrange a fake senior portrait session; see if this time it’s less awkward than the first time.
  14. Make an old school mix CD full of music from the 90s and then trade the finished products.
  15. Have a classic TV marathon (Dukes of Hazzard for the boys, 90210 or Saved by the Bell for the girls).
  16. Have a clothing swap by cleaning out your closets.
  17. Plan a chili cook-off or bake-off.
  18. Have a picnic on the quad in the middle of campus. Bonus points if you have wine as your beverage.
  19. Create the craziest, most outlandish outfits possible and wear them to the campus gym for a workout.
  20. Ride the bus around town. You’ll discover lots of local flavor that way.
  21. Go to a drive-in movie theatre. Bonus points for sneaking extra people in in your car trunk.
  22. Host a costume party. One possible suggestion is an Animal party where people bring an animal-themed beverage and costume and the music for the party is all from bands named after animals or songs with animals in the title.
  23. Play Spin the Bottle.
  24. When someone moves, throw them a house warming party.
  25. Booby-trap your neighbor’s dorm room.
  26. Attend every playoff game for the football or basketball team of your school.
  27. Saran wrap the dorm’s public toilets.
  28. Organize a flash mob.
  29. Start a blog.
  30. Try an exotic food whose name you can’t pronounce.
  31. Help someone else; put together a Dance Marathon team or a Relay for Life.
  32. Learn about wine; there is far more to know than just the color.
  33. Go to a Pride Parade.
  34. Learn to drive a manual transmission car.
  35. Donate blood.
  36. Have a Nerf gun war.
  37. Play a drinking game involving milkshakes.
  38. Paint pottery.
  39. Create a Mean Girls’ style Burn Book.
  40. Have an eating contest.

Making the Most of Your Time in College

Your time in college will just fly by between part-time jobs and studying. There isn’t a whole lot of time left for fun. Use your free time wisely! Get your friends and go out and do something spontaneous, reckless, or totally out of character today!

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