Essay on Revenges in "The Cask of Amontillado" and "Hop-Frog"

Literary critics compare a lot the motives of revenge in two famous stories by Edgar Allan Poe – "The Cask of Amontillado" and "Hop-Frog".

Hop-Frog's revenge is spectacular and accomplished in front of the numerous audiences. Hop-Frog proposes his master to play a hoax on the guests of the masquerade, and to wear with his seven ministers costumes of orangutans chained together. The King agrees and when he and his ministers appear in the weird and horrid costumes in front of the amused audiences, Hop-Frog attaches the chain linking "orangutans" to the ceiling, so that it elevates them in the air and strangles. Hop-Frog's revenge is greater in scale and requires more preparation than Montresor's does. Unlike Montresor, Hop-Frog takes vengeance with no secrecy and the numerous spectator witnesses his crime. In spite of that, Hop-Frog and his accomplice Trippetta remains unpunished.

Revenges in The Cask of Amontillado and Hop Frog

It may be supposed that Montresor as well will not be punished for his crime Thus in these two short stories by Edgar Poe avenger comic crimes and meet no punishment for it. To entice his victim into the catacombs Montresor falls back on fooling: he says that there is a pipe of Amontillado wine in his palazzo and wants Fortunato to examine its originality. Actually Montresor uses the weak point of his avenged. Besides, it should be said that Fortunato comes to his killer house being drunken in a great measure. So, Poe creates a kind of opposition between the cruel revenge of Hop-Frog and the ridiculous one of Montesor in order to arouse different emotions of the readers.

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