English Literature Thesis

Literature is a fascinating subject that opens up myriads of worlds. You are able to trace how the way of life transformed, which factors shaped the characters of people throughout the centuries, and how literature changed under the influence of the civilization development. While masters theses in exact sciences give you the opportunity to conduct experiments and receive measurable results, the humanities cannot boast the same kind of exactness. Philology requires a different approach. An english masters thesis and a thesis in english literature are based on comparison and discussion. However, thesis structure is the same; the only difference consists in absence of empirical research. On the other hand, you have the luxury of giving your english literature thesis a personal touch.

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The pledge of an outstanding thesis in english literature is choosing the right topic. We advise you to concentrate on this task. There are several ways of formulating the topic. It may be analysis of a separate book, analysis of the book compared to other books by this author, comparison of the books by different authors of the same epoch with corresponding subjects, analysis of the protagonists with or without connection to the author and his life, etc.

If you have chosen a well-known book or author, try to check the records for relevant theses. You should think of something novel, so avoid choosing topics that have already been taken in the past. Famous writers are already "researched" well enough, so try to find a new point of view. Be original and creative!

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