Twenty Unique Things to Try During Your College Years

College is a fantastic, life-changing experience in a young person’s life. There is so much to do, see, and learn. For instance, perfectly the skill of an expertly executed keg stand takes effort, time, and a whole lot of practice. Since the minds of college students are so absorbed with education, they might forget about the wonderful world outside the classroom. If you are currently one of those unfortunate souls that have actually attended each and every one of the semester’s lecture, it’s now time for your real college education. We won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting minor things like going to class drunk or streaking. By this point in your college career, you’ve already either tried those classics or you have determined you are too much of a wuss to live life on the edge. Here’s 20 tried and true things you must try before next semester. Grab some friends and get started knocking off the items on this list.

The Good Times List

  1. Go to a bar. Try out every ridiculous pickup line you’ve ever heard until you actually get a good response. Extra points if the person you score with is the gorgeous bartender you’ve been eyeing.
  2. Create complete chaos in the middle of a lecture. Rush in and declare your love for the professor or the cutie in the front row. For full effect, make sure you don’t actually know the person.
  3. Complete a Power Hour. This should be a shot of beer every minute for an hour.
  4. Hit on someone who is so far out of your league it’s ridiculous.
  5. Convince your RA to do something completely inappropriate (like drinking or having sex) with you.
  6. Invite your professor to come out to the bar with you.
  7. Protest something – anything. Sure, you could join a group that has a real mission. It’s way more fun to start your own protest against something silly like manual transmissions or flip-flops.
  8. Visit a foreign country. Canada and Mexico are both easily accessible options. Spend as much time as you can in the foreign country and fully immerse yourself in the culture.
  9. Write an op-ed for your school paper. Enthusiastically proclaim your passion for a completely insignificant issue that no one cares about. Alternatively, take the complete opposite opinion on an issue where the prevailing opinion is very mainstream.
  10. Host a black-tie event. Just say no to dining service and put away your grungy clothes for a fancy dress up dinner at your place.
  11. Sleep outside. Either with or without a tent or permission from the owner of the property.
  12. Try some foreign cuisine. Not Chinese, Mexican, or Italian. Something truly new and exotic like Ethiopian, Indian, or Thai. Extra points if you hit up all the exotic local restaurants you’ve never tried before by making it a progressive dinner.
  13. Sign up for a weird class. Something you wouldn’t normally consider taking and doesn’t at all fit within your major. Get some friends to join you so you can all have a new experience together.
  14. Tag something on campus. A touch of graffiti never hurt anyone. Put it in a place that has a special meaning or is memorable to you.
  15. Make out with someone in the library. Bonus points if it’s a complete stranger you persuaded to put down the studying for a bit.
  16. Pull a fire alarm. Not during the day silly! Do it at 3 AM or mid-finals week when everyone is busy studying. Give them a little break from the monotony.
  17. Take a flask into the library and drink from it.
  18. Throw a costume party with the theme of “Anything But Clothes.”
  19. Do something you’ll regret later with your hair or to your body. Purple highlights or an ugly tattoo are nice options. Use your imagination.
  20. Play on an intramural team. Grab a few friends and join a league for something complete silly like kickball, booze skeeball, inner tube water polo, or broomball.

The Real Meaning of a College Education

Many people think college is an opportunity to further their education. These people are wrong. College is all about experimentation. If you didn’t know that already, it is high time that you learned. Give these twenty suggestions a try and you’ll soon learn the difference.

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